Comprehensive cleaning service offer:


Constantly expands its portfolio of offered services, which is why it decided to expand its specialisation from the security area to cleaning all kinds of premises and equipment. We guarantee quick action, solving non-standard situations, flexibility and, above all, professionalism. We guarantee the property of the client entrusted to us and the activities provided in the given premises, as well as the discretion of the cleaning staff.

For the benefit of our business partner, we promptly deal with any comments from the business partner, we guarantee the client’s entrusted property and activities related to the provision of cleaning services in the given premises.

Cleaning service of administrative, industrial and hotel premises

Regular cleaning of the interior of administrative buildings

Shampooing, vacuuming and cleaning of carpets

Hygiene program, replenishment of preparations and disinfection service

Cleaning up after craft activities

Exterior cleaning of façades, windows and shop-windows

High-altitude service using climbing equipment

Cleaning of industrial plants and halls

Large-scale treatment with polymer wax

Gardening and maintenance of greenery

Winter maintenance of access roads

Design analysis

THE COMPANY D.I.SEVEN Services, spol. s r.o.

For the smooth execution of all types of cleaning activities, a design analysis is essential, which is the result of the expertise and professional experience of our staff. The proposed cleaning system respects the specifics of the client’s property, its wishes and preferences in the area of ​​hygiene.

The design analysis includes:

Employees selection

THE COMPANY D.I.SEVEN Services, spol. s r.o.

The social value of the brand D.I.SEVEN Services, spol. s r.o. is primarily based on the approach, work and flexible solutions of our employees in providing comprehensive cleaning services.

Our company places great emphasis on the selection of its employees for any of the activities offered.

Course of the selection procedure:

Each applicant goes through a multi-stage selection procedure, during which we pay particular attention to the reliability of the applicant, supported by positive references from the previous employer. We also require good health, physical condition and a pleasant demeanour. Certainly we also require responsiveness to the requirements of the business partner and initiative supported by personal commitment and interest in the work activity.